Notre-Dame-de-Monts campsite

Have you ever heard of Notre-Dame-de-Monts, the gorgeous seaside village where we enjoy land and sea in peace and quiet? Not to worry! Tourist sites, things to see and do, major events… we will tell you everything! If you are looking for a place to stay, Le Clos du Bourg campsite is a 3-star establishment in the heart of Notre-Dame-de-Monts.

Notre-Dame-de-Monts, nature and art de vivre

Notre-Dame-de-Monts is true to its nature as a seaside town with an enormous sand beach along the Atlantic Ocean. It is a wonderful place with many beautiful things to discover. There are bike paths, trails and themed hikes. The view of this unique landscape from Kulmino, 70 m above sea level, is incredible.

Notre-Dame-de-Monts is a perfect, gorgeous example of the how tourist activities combine with protecting the environment. Biotopia, a gorgeous natural site, provides education on how the wind contributes to dune formation. There, you can relax, explore and learn about the environment.

Activities and recreation

There are several summer activities available related to wind, sailing and the beach.

You can try water sports such as canoeing, kayaking and kite flying. Notre-Dame-de-Monts has a schedule of fun, comedic and festive shows during the festival La Déferlante. And that is not all… Ultra Song, a major artistic and musical event, brings life to the village during the summer. A variety of cultural events also take place in Notre-Dame-de-Monts outside the summer season.

Honors and awards

The French Office of the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe created the  Pavillon Bleu  award in 1985. This award recognizes the towns and ports that continually research and apply an environmental protection policy.

Notre-Dame-de-Monts has also received the 4 fleurs label. This is a highly prestigious award.

So, what do you think about a trip to Notre-Dame-de-Monts?

The town offers simple pleasures, comfort and peace and quiet to tourists, all while retaining the authentic charm of a seaside village. It is continually in search of the balance between developing tourism and preserving the environmental. Make this town a priority for your next holiday!